Three recent finds I like…

I am sitting here, writing (well, typing) with one of my new babies in my lap. Lexi is a lap-cat extraordinaire. Even trying to get a sip of coffee with her on me can be a challenge. That got me thinking…

Jeff and I are on different schedules (he works nights). In the mornings I usually don’t make an entire pot of coffee for myself because, as my parents would say, “my eyes are bigger than my stomach.” I would usually never finish it, and I don’t like to waste. In the past, I have always had a Keurig, but at this time, purchasing one just wasn’t in the cards. We looked around for alternatives, and decided on the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew. This little gem works great! It comes with the little spoke for K-cups and an actual little filter (like in a regular coffee pot). It adjusts for the size you would want and the strength you want to drink. I can’t say enough about this product! Now with the mental fog I feel like I have going on at times (ha ha) please forgive if I’ve mentioned it before. I just love my little coffee system!


Speaking of cats, the addition of Lexi and her brother Nik brings the number of cats in our home to five. I know that is a lot. Many people would say that might be too many, and I can’t argue – they might be right. These five felines are the sweetest cats, and I just love them (as she sits here chewing on the zipper part of my sweatshirt). I know that it will be costly to have them. Jeff works for a “pet mail order warehouse” company who I believe everyone is familiar with, and as an employee gets a nice discount. That being said, all the items we will need for the Fab Five will add up, money wise. Once the kittens are bigger (and the one small box of kitten canned food is done) I am going to do some comparing. The usual size of canned cat food is small, the size of a can of tuna. The stores have bigger cans as well, one is 13 ounces and the other is 22. There are store brands and name brands also. The small can is not big enough for all of them for a meal. Ultimately, I would like to use one of the bigger cans each day for them all. They get canned food in the morning, and then in the evening for dinner. All day long there are bowls of dry food available for them – which I have always done with my cats over the 50 years that cats have been in my life. It is especially important now, because the Vet says JB is underweight and she wants him to fatten up. This is ironic because Beavis is 16 pounds and the Vet (in Florida) wanted him to lose a few pounds. How do you manage all this? I don’t know. And as sweet as these cats are, boy do they stink! I try to keep up with their litter boxes a few times a day. I want the house to smell fresh, but I don’t want to spend a fortune in litter. We just need to get a “cat budget” in place and keep to it.

The last item I’m thinking of with fondness this morning is this Turkey Breakfast Sausage. It tastes delicious, and it’s very reasonably priced – for the one-pound “chubb” it is only $1.50. There are a few kinds. Besides the Turkey Breakfast, they have Taco Flavored, Italian Ground Turkey and plain Ground Turkey. I have tried all of them, but for me the Breakfast Sausage one is the best. Fry it up, add it to either homemade sauce or a jarred sauce, and you have great meat sauce! I used it the other night in a sausage and cheese quiche. And if you do want to have tacos, no problem – fry it up as you would ground beef (or whatever you usually use) and it comes out delicious. I just love this product, and always (try) to have a few in the freezer. That’s where you find it in the store, in the freezer section. Try it, I (practically) guarantee you’ll like it…


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