Easy Spaghetti Sauce

Anyone who knows me knows that I love pasta. I love any and all kinds. It’s easily a comfort meal for me, even if I just have a plate of spaghetti with some sauce on top. I have made my own sauce over the years, in all different ways. Recently though, I have come across a recipe online that I changed just a bit and it comes out pretty good. It is not fancy, and probably wouldn’t be approved by a legit Italian cook. I like it though.


For this portion here, I used the two cans pictured, and they were the Crushed variety. You can also use Puree or just what they call Sauce. To save money, I have bought cans of Crushed when they seemed to be particularly cheap, even compared to the other kinds. For the Crushed, I just run it through the blender and it works fine.

The two cans used go into the Crock Pot, and once inside I drizzle some oil over the top – whatever kind you have on hand. After that, I add a spoonful of minced garlic – if it’s two cans, I use two teaspoons. If I’m doing three or four, it’d be three or four teaspoons. Depending on if I’m in the mood or not, I might add sugar. I follow the same teaspoon rule with the sugar as I do with the garlic. Usually I will sprinkle a liberal amount of grated cheese on top, and then it gets stirred. I stir it really good. And then the lid goes on, the Pot gets put to high, and the work is done. You can keep it on high for a few hours, or after a bit turn it down to low for a while. As with any kind of slow cooking, the lid should be taken off as little as possible. During, say an eight hour cooking time period, I might stir it every two hours or so. I go fast, quick like a bandit so I can get the lid back on quickly! Two cans of tomatoes like I use will usually yield two sized containers that I have that are close to the size of jarred sauce, plus enough for a meal the day I cook it. I always like having one or two of these in the freezer.

Still being a fan of jarred sauce, this one below is my current favorite. It goes very good with pasta, with sausage and peppers, on little English Muffins for pizzas. I like it a lot too. HAPPY EATING!!!


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