Time for a commercial break…

I find certain commercials to be hysterical, and the above one is my favorite of the past year or so.

Recently though, the Progressive commercial with the nerdy guy out with his friends in the club is moving up my favorites list. You just gotta love Tom Pritchard!

These two commercials got me thinking of ones from the past. I always liked Clara Peller and her famous “Where’s the Beef?” line. I enjoyed Spuds MacKenzie, the Budweiser dog. I was a fan of the Taco Bell dog.

Some of my other favorites included commercials for local businesses. When I lived in suburban Philadelphia, the commercials for Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer and Ronni Deutsch (also a lawyer) were great. Lawyers I guess have a leg up on their competition, because when I lived near Tampa, this lawyer named Jack Bernstein behaved so ridiculously in his commercials that there was no way you could forget him. The guy was a huge nerd, but you remembered who he was.

What other classics are there that I have forgotten?

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