Hit or Miss Thoughts…Yes or No?

As I sit here on a Sunday morning, not feeling good, drinking coffee and watching football previews, as usual random things are going through my mind. I am wondering how many others think the same way I do…

Do you ever lather, rinse, repeat? I don’t know if I have ever really done that. Unless my hair had some odd substance that for some reason wouldn’t come out, I guess I have always figured one washing was enough.

Do you check expiration dates on everything? From what I’ve heard, most people only check expiration dates on soon-to-expire perishables. Not me. I check everything. That could possibly come from the fact that I shop from time to time in discount stores that offer amazing deals on items with a close expiration date. I have looked at dates on all products – shampoo, cat food, canned goods. To me, it is comforting to know that I have a box of pasta that will still be good in June of 2020. Not that pasta ever lasts long here.

Have you ever done a patch test with home hair coloring? I have never done this. I am somewhat confused by this anyway – directions on the boxes say to make up the solution, and test a part of your hair or whatever – then in other sections of the directions, it says to use the product as soon as it is mixed up. The patch test advises waiting twenty four hours – I don’t get their timing. I have always abandoned this suggestion, and nothing bad has ever come to me.

Have you ever put generic brands inside a name-brand container so your guests wouldn’t “judge” you? I personally have never done this, to my knowledge. If it happened here, it was for convenience rather than for deception. One thing I have done is pour “dollar store” laundry detergent into a name-brand bottle. The only reason for this was that the dollar store bottle never pours right for me. And that name-brand bottle was purchased cheap, on sale or with a coupon.

I like looking nice, and I like certain styles. I would never pay crazy high prices just to get a designer label. Since I was a young girl, I have always been more about quantity. I would rather have several of an item I like (for example shoes and purses) rather than one premier one. That being said, I have carried my knock-off purses to events where I thought having a better “brand” with me would look good and might matter more. Anyone who knows me will know that seeing me with a supposed Coach purse will mean that, shhhh…this is a knock off. I have acquired a few of those through thrifting that a knowing friend suspects are real. Now if they are, I could maybe sell them and make a profit. But as I also know that if these are real – I should keep them, because there is no way I would ever pay the designer price.

I have put effort into thinking of ways to present a gift – to make it seem better, more larger than life. I agree that it is the thought that counts, but I also believe that how you present something just adds to the gift giving.

So, I am wondering…what other things like this have you all done?

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