Maury Christmas!


Happy Holidays and a Maury Christmas to all! So yesterday, a dream came true for me. One more item was checked off of my bucket list – I was finally able to attend a taping of the Maury Povich show! It was a wonderful experience.

Jeff and I left on Thursday and spent the night in Stamford, CT which is a very nice city and is where they tape the show. We got to the studio early and waited while all things were arranged. Soon we were escorted into the studio. The stage is so small! It looks so much bigger on television. Years ago, my sister and I had seen a taping of the Steve Wilkos show. Maury is taped in the same place. There are so many requirements to attend a taping – none really stringent, but they are strict. No clothing with logos, no cell phones out during taping, no large bags, coats and jackets on the back of chairs, no hats. The staff is really nice, and they do a lot to excite us guests to enjoy being there.

Maury came out for a quick moment, and then the taping began. We saw two episodes being taped. Needless to say, I was thrilled that the first one was a Lie Detector show. And even more thrilling was that the second one was a Paternity episode! It was wonderful. When we knew we got the tickets and would actually be able to be there, all I didn’t want was an “amazing animals” show or an “incredible kids” program. It was the last episode taped for the 2018 season.

After the taping, we went to a diner in Stamford that had delicious food. And on the way home to Scranton, we found a nice mall in NY to stop at to finish up some Christmas shopping. We had a great day, and ended up falling asleep exhausted, but very happy.

Maury Christmas, everyone!


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