Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays…


It’s exciting getting ready for the holidays. It’s not exciting getting ready for the holidays when you aren’t feeling quite right. Nevertheless, since my feeling bad comes and goes, yesterday I pushed myself to do a few things and I am very glad I did.

Jeff and I went out for breakfast yesterday, and he finally met my friend and former co-worker, Patsy. It was great introducing them, and we had a great time. The food was good, very delicious. As I thought, Patsy and I did a lot of talking about our former place of employment, and I feared Jeff was going to feel left out. He seemed to enjoy our talking. He’s such a good man.

After leaving Patsy, we did some grocery shopping at Walmart. I found an electric curling brush there that before I could only find online, so that was a good thing. And the place wasn’t even that crowded! This is also a good thing.

We brought all our things home, and then scooped up JB (our youngest cat) to get him to his Vet appointment. He hasn’t been breathing right for a while – we thought it was just his adjustment to a totally different atmosphere here in PA, but recently his nose started running and, well it’s just gotten worse. The vet examined and said compared to his file from Florida, he had lost two pounds. That is huge for a cat. I got more and more upset, but I tried to remain calm. They did a bunch of tests after the doctor confirming by examining him that he had a sinus and upper respiratory infection. About a half hour later after waiting, they came back and said he was negative for feline HIV and Leukemia. Thank god, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. The rest of the blookwork tests should be back today. I knew I loved him, but when I saw his beautiful eyes staring me, I realized just how much. So fast forward to me being $326 poorer. I don’t care, he is more than worth it. It’s just going to be very interesting to give him nasal spray drops twice a day and antibiotics also. Hopefully he will realize it’s for his greater good!

It was time for dinner, and we had planned to meet my sister, her boyfriend Sean and his daughter Eowynn at a restaurant that is filled with decorated Christmas trees. Area companies compete to win best of the best, with each tree being dedicated to a certain charity. Some were very creative! My two personal favorites were the one by the Eyecare Center that had decorations to look like eyeballs, and the Oncology Center who decorated their tree in blue prescription bottles, each adorned with different colored cancer support ribbons. That one was edged out in my mind, mainly because it was blue and silver and white – coincidentally, colors from my team – the Tampa Bay Lightning! The food was delicious, the beers were good and reasonably priced, and we were together as a family. What a perfect night celebrating the holidays with my loved ones.

Today, who knows what will go on. I feel better, but more like staying home. Not relaxing – organizing. Going through gifts I’ve bought, seeing what else I still need. It will be a good day. Tomorrow the sales change, hopefully the mail today will include the new circulars – so I can plan my attack!

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58 year old Mom with three great sons, and SIX great cats and their wonderful Dad, Jeff... LISA is my name. Life Is Smashing Always comes from the letters in my name...

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