Saving money? What have YOU done?

I was home today, feeling unwell and not doing much of anything. And it got me to thinking, spurred on by a favorite money-saving site – have you ever done anything crazy to save money?

I can’t say what I have ever done has been crazy. Maybe it has been what people would consider unorthodox, or wrong, or just not…common. A few things come to mind.

One thing I did quite a while ago was to purchase two or three cans of “spread.” What these so-called spreads were, right now I don’t remember. But I do remember thinking, oh…these will be good. For get togethers, for snack times during games, whatever. So opening them up, and spreading them on crackers – Christine (as you know, my best friend) and I tried them. Let me just say that they were…not good. The first bite we thought they were ok, we were smiling. That is, until we swallowed. Soon after this, we realized that although we had never consumed canned cat food – this was what it must taste like. The cans and the spreaded crackers promptly were launched into the trash can.

As wrong as it might sound, I have looked at used “underthings” in thrift stores. Now I know that this is the rule – buy anything used, but not this kind of stuff. I kind-of uncomfortably got over my slight reservation to look at these items as I looked at other used garments – I made sure they were clean (they were), and I made sure they would fit me (they would). As with any other used item, I planned on thoroughly washing these items – and as I have always said, once these things roll around in my washing machine, in my hot water – it’s all good. So right here, right now – I admit – some “underthings” that are now mine are previously owned.

I love my Jeff, and he loves me. I am a lucky woman. I want to send him to work at night with good-tasting food, something to look forward to during his night shift. At Dollar Tree, I found “Virginia Sausage (Hot)” and thought he would enjoy it. My only reservation was that the three decent-sized links were $1 (like I’ve said, it was at Dollar Tree). Cooking them up, frying them with peppers and onions – they smelled delicious. Putting them in a container after having added some tomato sauce – I felt bad, guilty…I don’t know. I guess it was because it was, basically…cheap. The next morning when he came home, I asked how his dinner was. He said it was delicious. And I believed him, but I guess I had doubted myself because the cost was…minimal. I am glad I can continue to provide for my loved ones in an economical way.

All of this got me thinking about what others have done in the quest to save money. Would love to hear. Care to share?

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58 year old Mom with three great sons, and SIX great cats and their wonderful Dad, Jeff... LISA is my name. Life Is Smashing Always comes from the letters in my name...

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