Makeup…Do You Get What You Pay For? Maybe…

As I mentioned earlier, my son and daughter in law were recently married. Truly, it was a perfect day with all members of both families getting along very well, and everyone was happy.
The morning of the wedding, the girls – me, Amanda, her mom, my ex’s GF Lorraine, Chris’ GF Bre – we went to get our hair and make up done. We were stunning, if I do say so myself. And no doubt, once I’m really settled and back up and running here – I will post pictures of all us beautiful people!
I was very impressed with the salon, which was Lords and Ladies, in
Exeter, PA – they have a few locations. The girls working on us were nice, friendly, professional – and amazingly talented! So much so that I decided to go to their Fall Makeup Class. It was very reasonably priced, and besides – at that time, two weeks after the wedding – I was suffering from Amanda and Kevin withdrawal, so I just HAD to go!
The class was very informative. Now, yes – I have watched videos on makeup applications on you tube, and they have helped. Very much so. But in person, I don’t know – it was different, better. The class was five of us. Me, another woman in her I would say early 30s, and three teen girls. It was a fun night.
The technician taught us all tips, which we all obviously needed different ones. Then the night was wrapping up, and it was time for the sale – the hard sell, as I thought. It was none of that.
I did very much like the age-defying foundation, and it truly seemed to make me look better. That, combined with the setting spray – they have been a wonderful addition to my makeup collection. As with most other things in my life, I have a lot of…products. And a lot of these items came from not-quite-so-high-end stores. In many ways, I do believe these made and continue to make the difference in my appearance.
However, I am a thrifty person – despite liking how I look. So for quick runs out, errands – or even to the gym, because going there I don’t want to frighten anyone – I use my makeup. But my older stuff, the old reliables. Older foundation, older eyeliner. I even use a pretty much no name mist setting spray. Now being a bargain shopper and always looking for a deal, I have to say – for what I used this for, I must admit – the results were good. As good as with the more expensive stuff? Maybe. But in reality, probably not.
What I did find was the fact that I took the time to properly apply these (lower priced) products, and they made me look good. So a lesson was learned – yes, it’s great to treat yourself to a product or two that you consider higher end, and you will love the results. But it doesn’t matter if not all your products are top of the line – you can still be pretty, gorgeous, and the bell of the ball, as they say!
What would be the product or products you all out there consider a splurge? Consider worth paying more $$$ for? I know that I just cannot use certain mascaras – cheap or not, they just don’t work! Would love to hear your thoughts on this…
P.S. the makeup used at the class was Mirabella. It is very nice, and if you do in fact decide to treat yourself to some of their products – I do not think you will be disappointed.

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