Happy July!

Here’s hoping that everyone reading had a very happy 4th! I certainly did, as I spent these past few days in Pennsylvania. I was here to celebrate my son Kevin’s 28th birthday as well as my future daughter-in-law Amanda’s Bridal Shower.

The weekend just could not have been any better. I was a little apprehensive because I had not seen my ex sister-in-law and niece in quite some time, and I had never met my niece’s little boy. Everything went very well. We were all pleasant and gracious to one another, and the little guy is absolutely adorable. I cannot say Amanda was too surprised, as she had a feeling she was going to have a shower – she just didn’t know when it would be.

Our family and friends were very generous, and she got some really wonderful gifts. Amanda’s mom and aunt did a great job in setting the place up, and the food at the restaurant was just wonderful. After the presents were opened and the shower ended, we went back to Amanda and Kevin’s house for a birthday barbeque. This was also a good time, and everyone enjoyed themselves very much. For Kevin’s birthday the next day, Chris stayed over and the four of us went to a very famous smorgasboard restaurant here in the PA Dutch country.

The next day, we decided we were going to go shopping, but first decided on having a nice lunch out at this charming little place by a creek. It was just beautiful, delicious food in a gorgeous setting. Leaving there, we drove through the hills of Lancaster County and found a few treasures. In my last post I detailed what is my newest “thing” at thrift stores – men’s bathing suits as shorts for me (so my old body doesn’t have to look foolish in booty shorts). Also on this shopping excursion I found a pair of fancy shoes for the wedding, which is in just about 86 days! They are pretty, silver and shiny – I wish they were higher, but reality is that I just cannot wear heels without looking like something is wrong with me as I walk!

I’m sorry that my trip here has come to an end. I honestly don’t want to leave. I really don’t. Especially since yesterday we went and picked up a rabbit – his name is Arthas Tucker Rosentreter, and he is just adorable. I will talk about this little guy another time.

Thank you for the fun, Amanda and Kevin – I love you both!

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