My newest thrifting find…

Today I hit the motherlode, as they say. My son and future daughter-in-law and I were out thrift store shopping, as Kevin’s lost quite a bit of weight and wanted some new shorts. Since he still has weight to lose, he didn’t want to spend too much. So being the thrift store junkie that I am – off we went.

Kevin was thrilled to find four pairs of khaki shorts in the size that he’s at right now. He paid less than $24 for all four, and he was so happy. They met me a little while later at the front of the store and asked me what I had bought. They smiled when I told them.

I am fifty-five years old, and though I have a decent figure and I am at a good weight (120 lbs.) I just cannot wear these booty shorts on the market today. Falling in love with flamingos since I moved to Florida, one day in WalMart I saw perfect shorts with them on – except they were in the men’s department. I slipped them over my leggings, and took them. This gave me a great idea, and a week later at some thrift store home – I don’t remember if it was Salvation Army or Goodwill – I got another pair.

Today I found four gorgeous pair – I wear a men’s small. I got a pair of green and brown tropical ones, different shades of blue, almost like an ombre shade. I got two blue plaids that will go great with all of my Lightning clothes.

And while this isn’t earth shattering, I just love when something goes my way when it comes to saving money. And also at looking good for a reasonable cost. These shorts are very becoming on me. With a pretty tank top and nice sandals, I can look good, not like a “ho” or an old fool and can stay cool (well, cooler) in the hot Florida weather. These are not the exact ones I got, but I really DO want those rubber ducky ones!

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