I Love My Bed

I do. It’s comfortable and I sleep SO good in it. This is also quoted on the waistband of two pairs of pajama pants I have. There’s nothing like snuggling down in a comfy bed after a long day.

I also love the feel of clean, crisp sheets. And ones that smell as good as they feel. For years on the days I change my sheets, I try to spray them with linen spray. I got a beautiful smelling one from Christine for Christmas. As it was starting to run out, I knew I needed to get more. But with my current financial situation, I didn’t want to spend a lot. It was then that I got an idea.

I could have just used perfume, but I don’t think it would have worked as well. Maybe it would have been too heavy, and not lasted as long? I don’t know. So one day, I was in one of my favorite places – where else but Dollar Tree. Found myself in the candle aisle, and I saw what they call Liquid Potpourri. Hmmm, I thought – hey, this is a scent called Fresh Linen – coincidence, maybe. I don’t know, but that’s the scent of what I like to spray on my sheets. It was only a dollar, so I put it in my cart. After that, I went over to the aisle that has spray bottles. I picked one out, of course it had to be Lightning Blue. I came home with my new idea, not knowing if it would be ok or not. Who knew? So two days later when it was time to change the sheets, I poured some of this liquid potpourri in the spray bottle and did my sheets with it. I started slow and easy at first, not knowing if I should add some water to the bottle. No, it needed nothing. Just as is, it was fine and smelled wonderful.

The small bottle of “real” sheet spray was 4 ounces and I am sure it was costly. My just-as-good linen treatment was $2.00 for a 33.6 ounce bottle and the sprayer. I got myself a deal. I did good! I am proud…

linen sprays

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