A sort-of desperate need for cheap meals…

My current financial situation is bleak, and while I know it won’t last forever, I do know that it requires thought and planning. I have a lot of things coming up in these next few months, and in order to get all these things done – it’s crunch time.

Jeff and I will be travelling back to Pennsylvania for my son Kevin’s wedding to Amanda in September. This will involve plane fare, a car rental, a hotel for the night of the wedding (before we will be staying with the kids) and who knows what else. So between now and then, we have to watch our pennies.

We usually spend Saturday and Sunday nights together, and it’s nice to go out to eat one of those nights. I have recently discovered Steak and Shake, and I love it. Jeff says I am a cheap date, because dinner there for the two of us costs less than $20. On the other night, I try to make something so we can save some dough, as they say.

The last few weeks, we have had some nice dinners. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy but we ate good, we were happy and we were together. Now of course none of this includes beer, which to me for the most part is a necessity. If needed, we could drink iced tea (which I make with tea bags from Dollar Tree) or even cold water with a lemon or whatever. But as usual, I digress…

We had spaghetti with meat sauce one night. It was one jar of sauce, one pound of ground beef fried up and included and one box of spaghetti. We are not big garlic bread eaters, but for another $1 we could have included that too. This meal (without the bread) cost $4 with plenty of leftovers.

One night we had tacos. I bought a frozen “chubb” of ground turkey with taco seasoning for $1.50, and a combo pack of six soft and six hard tacos. We had some shredded lettuce and some grated Mexican Blend Cheese, and for Jeff I diced up half an onion. There was a ton left over. I brought all this stuff with us and we heated it up in the hotel room’s microwave when we decided to get away for a night (his treat with my Expedia points).


Also recently, we have had Creamy Chicken Casserole. I used two cans of canned chicken and a bag of egg noodles. Cooked the noodles, put them back into a big pot. To that I then added the two cans of chicken, and two cans of cream of chicken soup. I had a can of carrots on hand, so I included those as well. Mixed it all up (adding milk to make a sort-of gravy) and then transferred it into a casserole dish. It was delicious and the total cost was about $5-6. And there were plenty of leftovers, too.

So, it can be done. And done pretty well, if I do say so myself. Jeff agrees.

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