Living Beneath My Means…

I moved here to sunny Florida last October. And I absolutely love it. Thankfully, while here I have been receiving Unemployment Compensation from the state of Pennsylvania. I was concerned to learn the balance in my account has run out, despite the year-anniversary of my initial claim has not yet come up on the calendar. This means the last payment posted to my account today is it – it is over. No more money coming in. So, whatever I’ve got – that’s all I’ve got.

Recently, I have started driving for Lyft. I really enjoy it – so far, all the riders I have had have been very nice. I have no complaints at all. It has been known as the perfect part-time job, in that you can set your own hours and you can work as little or as much as you want. However, at this time – I cannot afford to be laid back about this. Lyft has suddenly become my full-time job, at least until I can get a position elsewhere.

I have always tried to live beneath my means so I can afford to do the extra things I’ve wanted to do. Now this will be a necessity, so I can have money coming in to pay my bills – my half of the rent, cell phone, my car payment. It won’t be hard, in some ways. In other ways it will be hard because I’ve always felt ok about little extra purchases because I economize on other things. I know it won’t be this way forever, and eventually I will get a full-time job and things will go back to normal. I hope.

Jeff and I just went to a Yankees vs. Rays game – my first Yankees game, and my first in a dome. It was great. We had a wonderful time. Jeff is a baseball nut, so in order to fit in with the fashion sense of the day, I bought a Yankees t-shirt. It was a steal of a deal on some website, with free shipping – and it only cost $4.14. So fast forward to now, as we are planning a trip to Miami. Jeff is an oddity – he is both a Yankees AND Mets fan. We are seeing the Mets play the Marlins there. And I cannot find a Mets t-shirt anywhere, anywhere on line for a decent price. So yes, I could break down and find the nicest one for the best price – but it will still cost more than I should spend. Unless I can find a Mets t-shirt for $4.14 with free shipping, I won’t be buying one. I just can’t. Being an Islanders and Broncos fan, I have plenty of blue, orange and white in my wardrobe. I even have jewelry in these colors. This is what I will do – I want to support the team (my Dad used to work near Shea Stadium in New York City, and I saw a lot of Mets games), but at this point in my financial life, my support will have to be limited to team colors. And you know what, that is ok. It doesn’t really bother me. We will have a fun weekend away, and hopefully we will see a win. We didn’t see a Yankees win, but we did see a good game that went to thirteen innings.

Living beneath my means has never bothered me, because it’s been a choice. Now it is a necessity. I think I’m going to be ok…

US Currency is seen in this January 30,

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