How do you say thank you?

I sit here, with my two cats…watching my GO TO show – Forensic Files. I have just finished watching two hockey games, and my heart and soul – wrestling. From the outside looking in, others might think it boring. Routine. Not exciting and certainly not a wild and crazy, amazing night. Still, for me – I am happy. Very much so.
To my Dad, in heaven – I must say thank you. Because of this man, I have developed an interest in sports that, to this day, has made me happy, and has helped me through tough times. Honestly, without what you’ve given me – where would I be? My heart soared way back in 1980, the day after my Junior Prom – when MY JT (and make no mistake, as a fan – I DO claim him) connected with Bob Nystrom, etc. and CHANGED NEW YORK HOCKEY HISTORY – Rangers fans, aside hahahaha – can’t compare, never will be able to, but I digress – don’t care, it does not matter – whatever team, I am – we are – lucky. Given the best memories, good thoughts, happy smiles. No matter what the team,it’s all good – whatever team you LIVE AND DIE FOR if they make you …FEEL…how can that influence be diminished?
It feels like 100 plus years, but now – today…I must say,to a point – I am in LOVE with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I never, EVER thought a bunch of men or players could break through my orange and blue skin – but they did. I could not love this team more if they were the 79-80 Islanders – and that is saying a lot. It really is. When I hear Imagine Dragons on the radio, singing my song, our song – I more than feel the thunder. Lighting, feel the Thunder. That is me, that is this area. And I couldn’t be happier and more proud. I love it here, and even more – I love this team. Tears in my eyes, I want the Cup for this area.
Thank you, Dad…I love you.

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