Ending Number Fourteen

This is being posted late, as I was writing this as I flew home to Florida after attending my fourteenth Wrestlemania. As usual, it was a trip that had drama. Some good, some bad but all fun. It’s always been one of best times of the year.
I flew to New Jersey so I could fly with Christine to New Orleans. We have always traveled together, and me having relocated to Florida – I didn’t want that to change. The trip started with a BANG as Spirit Airlines didn’t have my reservation. Now the jury is still out on who’s fault this was, but the bottom line was I had to spend $350+ to get to Jersey in time. Six hours later than we had planned, but I made it there. We got next to no sleep as our flight left Philadelphia International VERY early. But once you’re up, you stop at Wawa for coffee and you realize you are on your way, you wake up fast!
We arrived in NOLA on a good flight with no issues. Taking an Uber from the airport (it was a Mercedes Benz with one of the nicest drivers we have ever had), the Cubby we rented was wonderful. Our host/owner was Cecile, and she was just the sweetest woman. Our rental was close to all of the fun things NOLA has to offer. Despite being there for Wrestlemania 30 in 2014, Cecile was able to point out new things for us to do. In our residential friendly rental neighborhood there was a great place we had breakfast at a few times. Called Horn’s, it was both delicious and reasonably priced. Going to Bourbon Street at night was a challenge. This time more than last, the crowd seemed very young and very inexperienced with their drinking. And trust me, I am a very tolerant person so for me to say it was bad – it really was. Staying on Decatur Street near Cafe DuMonde (with their famous beignets and cafe au lait) was a better choice for us. The locals were very nice to us. They made us “Universians” feel at home and very welcomed. We took a swamp boat tour with a great guide who even offered us the opportunity to hold a baby aligator (we declined).
The wrestling (which should be at the forefront on these trips but sometimes ends up taking a back seat) left quite a bit to be desired. The Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Smoothie King Center was long, boring and way too drawn out – coupled with the absolute abuse at the entrance gates for those who didn’t have the correct size purse or bag. Rules are rules, but they didn’t need to be as rude as they were. Wrestlemania itself lacked excitement. It really did. After attending so many of these in the past, you know which one is good and which one isn’t. This one wasn’t.
The Raw after Wrestlemania was good. In past years, it was great. And none of this is really meant to be a knock on the industry, or in any way a clue that we won’t be going anymore. We will. Without a doubt. In fact, we have hotel rooms booked for next year in New York.
A highlight of our trip – we missed one of our favorites at the Fan Axxess section. We were sad, but what can you do? Leaving the gift shop at the airport on our way home, there was a man in an Elias shirt. I looked at him, smiled and said “yes, walk with Elias.” He smiled back and said “I better walk with him, he’s my son.” We ended up taking to him and his wife (and his sister and niece came over) for a while. What a highlight! Such a nice family! They were kind, friendly and oh so proud of their Elias (real name Jeffrey). We left NOLA with big smiles on our faces.
Was this trip perfect? No, not really. Was it good and are we glad we went? Yes, absolutely. We had fun, the food was good, I was with my best friend, and I was also with my people – the Universe. Here’s to you, WWE, New York, New Jersey and Met Life Stadium – see you in April!

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