Yes, you CAN be fashionable shopping at a thrift store!

It is widely known that I will buy any and all things at a thrift store – I’m a big second hand, previously owned item lover. I especially love getting a fashion bargain. I think a precursor to this “idea” is a show that was on a few years ago. It was called “The Look for Less.” Elizabeth Hasselback was the host. She showed designer-type outfits, and then showed how these same type of items can be found for a lower cost. Usually she went to off-price stores – stores like Marshall’s and Ross Dress for Less (both stores that I also enjoy shopping for bargains at). I have taken this to a different level in copying and duplicating outfits I see on tv, in magazines and in mall store windows by recreating the outfits I like at thrift stores.
thrift sign
What I usually do when I am in search of an idea, an outfit – is to get it all set up in my mind. For the purpose of this post, my idea was as follows – jeans, a sweater, boots, a bag, and a few accessories. This would not be hard to copy at all. Of course, it will not be exact, and that’s not what we want. We want close. We want it to look like this.
Jeans – thrift stores are filled with jeans, and many of them are in nearly brand new condition. Since the distressed style is in fashion (and some even have holes and rips), your choices are unlimited! Lately, my stores of choice have been Goodwill and Salvation Army. These stores for the most part have set prices for jeans, and you should be able to pick a pair up for an average cost of $5.
The underneath top could be up to you – a thin tunic, a lightweight top or even a lightweight sweater. Again, at the stores I go to you could find a top like this for $5 as well. In my case, in trying to copy this outfit I would more than likely choose something lightweight (since it has a sweater/jacket as well).
The sweater in the picture could even be considered a jacket of some sort, which could increase the cost a little bit. I still don’t think it would end up costing much more than $8 or $9.
Boots can be had at thrift stores at any time of the year. They really can be (even in warm weather climates). Tall boots go for $10 or so, but if you wanted to change the outfit up a bit, you could even go with booties which aren’t much more than $5 usually.
Shoes at Thrift Store
The accessories in the picture could be fun picking out. Oftentimes things like belts can be had for as little as $1 or $2. If you don’t have any jewelry to match, have no fear. Accessories like these can also be found for very reasonable costs. Being a purse/handbag kind of girl, I am sure I already own one I could use. But I will never turndown a cute bag that could complete the outfit more to the way I would like it to be.
So, give or take – for well under $30 you could copy an outfit like this one. Brand new or even in off price stores, it would be a much higher cost. For sure. And for someone like me who hates paying full price for anything (even while thrifting) I would take my time duplicating this during the days when the stores have “half price days”, increasing my savings even more.
See – you really CAN dress well for less!

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