My favorite four letter word. BEER.

I have written recently about how I HATE certain four letter words. Specifically, COLD. SNOW. There is not much in this world that I like less that those two miserable situations.
That being said, it is time to focus on what a GOOD four-letter word is. BEER.
For as long as I can remember, I have always loved beer. I believe it started back in the day…with my beloved Dad. At where else, but – at our hockey games – at Nassau Coliseum. Watching my Islanders during their glory days. Nothing was better than that.
When I first started to enjoy beer, I drank whatever they were selling at the hockey games, or whatever my Dad had at the house. Going to parties and get togethers with friends, I always chose beer when drinks were offered. In the recent past, however, I have come to appreciate what I call good beer over bad beer. I am to the point that if I have the opportunity to drink a beer that’s not on my “list” so to speak, I choose not to have any at all.
Currently, I have three favorites. There was nothing like drinking one of these favorites (Guinness) in the country of its’ origin, Ireland. My sister and I were lucky enough to have made a trip there this past November. It was wonderful and it was perfect, and we loved it. The beer tasted especially delicious there. My total and complete favorite is a beer called Molson XXX. It is a Canadian beer that is very strong – 7.3% alcohol. It has a smooth taste, and I can drink and digest it very well. For some odd reason, it is not sold in my new home state of Florida. When I travel between PA and FL it’s time for me to stock up. I get spoiled drinking a beer that is just so…good. It is hard to describe it any other way. My last favorite is a recent find. Having no way to get my XXX in Florida, I came up with an alternative to it – and it is good. Not as good, but close. It is also strong but smooth – called Steel Reserve, I like it very much. The only frustration I have with it is that it is only sold in four or six packs. I like my beer – I would like to buy a case at a time, not having to have all these six’s in the fridge.
And that’s it – how I like my beer. Excuse me while I go crack open a cold one…

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