My first Baby Boy – Michael Thomas

This boy, this perfect child – he is the one who made me a Mom. He is the one who we made mistakes with, and had easy triumphs with. He could not have been more flawless as our first precious son.
He came into the world with somewhat of a struggle – for the last two plus months of the pregnancy, I was bedridden. I could not move or do anything unless it was absolutely necessary. I went to doctor’s appointments and childbirth classes – and that was it. His Dad carried a beeper (can you imagine? Though this WAS 1988) in case he was needed. All the rest was a good thing, and he ended up being born for the most part on time. Who would have realized back then that his birthdate (September 11th) would end up being so significant.
Michael was an easy baby to take care of – he was sleeping several hours per night very early on. He was laid back, happy and generally in good spirits. The only time he was out of sorts in his first year or so was Father’s Day weekend – but we soon realized, he cut four teeth the next day. No wonder why he had been miserable!
We could not have been luckier with this blonde hair, blue eyed cutie. He is the reason his brother Kevin came so soon after he did (21 1/2 months later). Blessed is an understatement. Michael loved cheerios, his Bear (which now, at 29 he has a tattoo of) and Jeopardy, as well as The Price Is Right. He loves hockey, as his parents do (though we both agree he’s missing a chromosone or something as he somewhat likes the Flyers – yuck).
Michael gave me an incredible gift, back in 1999 – he asked me to watch wrestling with him. I knew what the whole deal was, having been somewhat of a fan back “in the day.” Which really means pre-Wrestlemania times 🙂 I watched with him on January 4, 1999 – my Dad’s birthday – and ever since then, I have been a die-hard, absolutely. My interest and involvement with the WWE has given me great times and amazing memories that I never, ever would have imagined I would get. And for this, I thank my boy.
He was always a joy, never a problem. Fast forward to now. He is about to become an Elementary School Teacher. He lives in Philadelphia. He has a great girlfriend, Alex and he is doing great. His father and I are proud. And we couldn’t love him more. I so much look forward to what the future holds for my baby…

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