Some of my very best Thrift Store Finds…

I am a very big fan of Thrift Store shopping. Over the years, I have been very lucky to have found some amazing deals. I realize that “thrifting” as Christine and I call it is not for everyone. Some people have qualms and concerns about pre-owned items. In my thinking, once an item goes through my dishwasher or my washing machine, it’s now mine.
My best overall find (which turned out to be for profit) was a pair of Ugg Clogs. Initially, I bought them because I thought they were cute. And they were, but they turned out to not really be for me. Knowing Ugg is a good brand and is well sought after, I decided to list them on eBay. I bought them for $3, so I listed them for $6. I was hoping to double my money. Imagine my surprise when the bidding ended – my shoes sold for $53. Now I don’t have a math mind, but that is a BIG return. The picture below is of a pair that are the same as the ones I sold.

Another great find I found was the beautiful red gown I wore to my then-niece’s wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous. Putting it on in the dressing room of Salvi’s (which to everyone else is Salvation Army), as I walked out my sister and friends almost gasped. They knew it was the dress for me. It was $14.99 but then we realized something even better – the ticket was the color of the day, so I got it for half of that. I brought it to an alterations studio, and they had to do nothing to it. It fit me like a glove. It cost almost three times the cost of the dress to dry clean it than to purchase it. The pictures of me wearing the dress seem to have disappeared, but the one below was very similar (except it had shiny spaghetti straps on it).

We lived in Denver for two of the Broncos three Super Bowl wins. John Elway was (and still is) the closest thing to an absolute hero there. So when I found this jersey at a thrift store here in PA, there was no question of whether or not I would buy it. I was even willing to spend full price, which was only $6.95. It’s a little big on me, but that’s fine. It looks good with capri leggings, and if I’m in PA or another god-forsaken cold place, I can wear it with long sleeves underneath and a pair of jeans. What do they say – if God isn’t a Broncos fan, why are sunsets blue and orange?
john elway

I like nice things. I really do. But I am not willing to pay terribly high prices to get them. So I usually search for look-alike items to match what I’m wanting, or to look for knock-offs. I do not mind using a “fake” whatever, because to me that’s good enough. Guess maybe I’m getting a reward of sorts. I purchased a very nice looking Coach bag for $8.90. The quality seemed to be very good, and this purse was in excellent condition. Showing my find to a woman at work who knows purses, she told me she is pretty sure the one I have is REAL. That’s good enough for me. I don’t want to try to sell it – if it’s not real, people might think I’m trying to run a scam. And it is the only real Coach purse I will ever own. The picture below is the same as the one I own (it is currently still at the storage unit in Florida – with some luck eventually I will get all my things out of there).

My single best household purchase and the one with the most use has to be our Tupperware Pastel Large Tumblers. As a family, we must have used them every single day for over 25 years – no joke. When our marriage broke up, and even before – the boys were moving, going into dorms, into apartments. I found myself with no more Tumblers. Kevin especially always liked them. I found a set for $1.90 recently at Goodwill, and scooped them so fast. I gave them to him, and now they are proudly in the kitchen cabinets at the house he and Amanda built.

I used to transport patients at a hospital. I wore knock off Dansko shoes, which were very comfortable and looked exactly like the real thing. With using my feet to flip brakes on wheelchairs and gears on stretchers, my knockoffs got pretty beat up pretty quickly. I found a pair of Dansko’s like the picture below, and decided to get them. I thought maybe they would hold up better. Realizing they probably would not, I listed them on a local Facebook site. The nurse who bought them was SO happy to get practically brand new Dansko’s for $20 (new they are well over $100). It worked out for both of us.

The last great buy comes from an unexpected source – my ex. Once he “humored” me while we were out, saying we could stop at Goodwill. I quickly went to the departments I liked, while he rummaged through whatever he wanted to look at. When it was time to go, he came towards me holding a 20 gallon fish tank, complete with decorations, a filter, gravel – the whole set up. It all seemed to be brand new. He had such a look on his face, saying “can you believe all of this is only $20?” Trying not to gloat, I just said that yes, you can find great deals here. Didn’t do the “I told you so” comment. He had many fish tanks, and his bargain probably ended up looking even better than this one below.
fish tank

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