Saved money, but maybe I didn’t want to?

This is an unusual statement from me – the ultimate bargain shopper. The one who always wants a deal, and wants to pay the least amount possible. I was shocked by what happened recently.
My cousin (who is exactly my age) and I went out to dinner with a friend, and with Laura’s son and grandson. We had a very nice time, and the food was delicious.
As the boys went to the restroom, our checks came. Looking at my bill (we got separate checks), I realized the cost was very reasonable. Checking out the other bills, I realized the truth – my cousin, her friend and I got the SENIOR DISCOUNT.
Initially horrified, I felt insulted. Insulted that she didn’t even ASK if we were Seniors, she just assumed. I felt old, and felt labeled as a SENIOR. Old is an understatement. I felt ancient.
Looking in my wallet, and seeing the limited amount of cash I had – I came to a realization. It really didn’t matter. Bottom line is I want to save money. And if I have to be classified as a Senior to do this, so be it. Years ago, we were moving from one part of our town to the other. The Moving Company representative classified me as a Senior, with a wink. He was trying to save a young family money. I went along with it, because then I was young. Now I am not.
As much as I say age is just a number, it does tend to sting a bit in certain situations. So the money I saved on this meal will be used towards…whatever. Maybe a Dunkin coffee as I’m running around doing errands. This was not a bad thing – it was just a reality check. Sigh.

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