My Hair Coloring System

Disclaimer – I am not a beauty professional, nor do I claim to be. All I am is a female consumer that likes (and needs) to save money. Make no mistake – if I could, I would have my hair professionally colored exclusively, or at least as much as possible. That cannot be, so I have found alternatives. They have worked for me, and I hope they will work for you. I don’t make any promises, however. Color, etc. at your own risk.
I have naturally dark hair. And those of us at this age with this color hair know – the grays show up a lot now. Some days I feel very young, other days not so much. When I am feeling happy, young and peppy, I don’t want the look I’m going for to be spoiled by gray hair. Or should I say, gray roots. The system I have come up with is not foolproof, but I am happy with the results.
I went a little lighter in the quest to cover my gray. That brought another problem. When the color grows out, I tend to have three different shades on a strand. To combat this somewhat, read on. First I will describe the one way I accomplish this,and then I will explain the second way.
On night number one, I work on just my roots. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I have perfected the use of Dollar Tree hair color. I will wet my hair, and run some conditioner through it. You can use any conditioner you have. I have even done a quick deep condition before coloring. Leaving it on for a few minutes, I then rinse it very well.

I begin using the DARK BROWN on my roots only, making sure I cover the top, front, sides and back. Trying not to get it onto the strands and only the roots, some always does. I leave it on the recommended time; sometimes I leave it on even longer. Then I rinse in the kitchen sink. I comb it out and put some more conditioner in, and leave it for another five minutes or so. I then take a shower, rinsing more. Once you are done, you can style your hair like you usually do.
Two days later (for example, this week I did it on a Tuesday and Thursday) I repeat this process with MEDIUM AUBURN, only this time the ends, the rest of the head are focused on and not the roots. It’s exactly the same as the roots – condition, rinse, color, condition, rinse, done.
The second way in my “system” is doing both colors on the same night. I follow the procedure for the roots, and as soon as that step is done, I put color on the rest of my head. DARK BROWN on the roots, MEDIUM AUBURN on the ends – just like above. Everything else is the same – it’s just being done all at the same time, and not being broken up into two nights.
It really makes no difference what way you do this – for me, it depends on my schedule, what’s going on and how much free time I will have. It’s nice to pamper yourself two days in a row (often times while doing this I will have a facial on or will be soaking my feet and then rubbing them in with lotion). My hair is in very good shape because I condition it a lot, even when washing and not doing coloring.
In a perfect world, I would always go to a professional to get myself pampered. My current situation will not allow this, but looking good is important to me. For the time being, this is a very reasonable alternative. Though if a coupon for a cut and color crosses my path, who am I to turn it down?

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