I am a Dollar Tree girl…

Anyone who knows me knows that I just LOVE Dollar Tree.  I have found amazing things there to complete gift purchases, as well as perfect things for every day life.  That being said, even as this is one of my favorite places to shop, dollartree.com isn’t perfect.  Not that this will stop me from shopping there, but…I’ll continue.
For a long time, they sold an AMAZING hair removal cream.  It worked great, and at a dollar it was such a great value, and so much cheaper than Nair or Neet.  Yet, inexplicably they stopped carrying it.  So for this, DT gets a “nay.”
Their choice of nail polish is amazing.  That being said, each individual store has their own standard for neatness and organization with the bottles.  If you don’t mind that your particular store might not be the best with showcasing what they have, you will find good choices.  Some of the stores even have deals with two bottles on one card.  So…yay!
The toilet paper and the dishwashing liquid – good in a pinch, to have on hand just in case you run out of your regular, better stuff – overall I would say “nay!”
Same thing with the pillow cases and the 3 package of socks – you might get lucky with a case that doesn’t fray, and the socks might last more than a few washings, so…yay, but a middle of the road yay.
Yay to the 24 ounce box of pasta, which with combined with a jar of DT sauce and a loaf of their garlic bread – feeds a few people.  It’s all good.
Greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper – all YAY.  You can’t beat dollartree.com for this stuff.  100% yay.
We eat a lot of eggs in my house, so…even though they are medium eggs (and we usually get large) this is a huge YAY for us, for an 18 count container..
The absolute BEST yay I can recommend is their Awesome Cleaner.  Years ago, I was at a church/temple rummage sale, and someone there recommended this product.  Oh my goodness, amazing!  It has cleaned a very dirty bathroom and has removed green grassy mold from our house, out on the front porch.  It can be used as a stain removal agent for laundry also.  Cannot say enough about this product.  And just think, it is only $1…

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